The usefulness and beauty of Bamboo Bridges

Bamboo Bridge at A River in Blitar 1870-1892 (Collection: Tropen Museum Nederland TMnr_60005107)

The bridge is the most important connecting factor between regions. Bridge into veins in the mobility community to interact with various communities living in the other side of the river. Construction of the bridge as a means of transport is not only important but also the beauty of usefulness. By use of bridges in the villages are built with bamboo, simple and very useful for social contact of villagers. Larger bridges with bamboo construction is made to connect the region carrying a rather large river. Construction of bamboo bridge is not only to see its usefulness but also the beauty of the bridge.

Bamboo bridge built in Indonesia since the Dutch colonial era was built by looking at two factors namely usability and beauty. Batu Tulis Bridge (1910) in Bogor which stands on the river Cisadane is a form of beauty with curved bamboo structure. All materials consist of a bamboo bridge, looks sturdy and stunning. This bridge is probably a vital bridge for mobility community in the Bogor area at that time.

Bamboo bridge over the Tjisadane to Batoetoelis Buitenzorg in 1910 (Collection:

Bamboo bridge becomes important when the Java War (1825-1830) took place, the Dutch colonial government used this bridge to cross the river in Central Java to mobilize its forces and confining forces Diponegoro. Illustration below shows a stand of bamboo bridge over a river in Central Java and is an illustration of the bridge that is used for the mobilization of the Dutch colonial army. Illustration was created in 1833 and may be used as materials of history textbooks Dutch East Indies.

Bamboo bridge that used the Dutch colonial army in wartime Diponegoro (1825-1830) (Collection:

In general, bamboo bridge used as a tool for communities across the river, whatever the form of the bamboo bridge. Bamboo bridge in a village in Bogor, West Java in 1918 is not too big but it looks sturdy. They build this bridge with the material contained on the edge of the river itself. Bamboo materials are not expensive and thrives in the village.

A bridge of bamboo at Buitenzorg, West Java 1918 (Collection: Tropen Museum Nederland TMnr_10007474)

Bamboo bridge technology is a memory of the local culture, although now not much longer be used as a bridge construction material, but bamboo is the first technology before replacing concrete and steel as the material of modern bridge construction.

One comment on “The usefulness and beauty of Bamboo Bridges

  1. interesting past, the marvel of the bridge construction in our south east asean regions…… actually a treasure to know the wonderful bamboo works….

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