Bamboo and Building Construction

Bamboo along the river Brantas, Malang, East Java 1930 (Collection:

Bamboo plants in Indonesia is a plant that easy to find, either in the yard, the river even in the vast lands that make up a bamboo forest. Bamboo used by people for various things, the plant is exploited and taken either through the path of the river or overland to places of processing and sale of bamboo.

Function of the most phenomenal bamboo as a building construction material. This has been done a long time as a construction material either as a whole or as a buffer in making a building. The use of bamboo was chosen because it is economically cheap and readily available. Bamboo also has a cylindrical shape which varies according to type, so its use can be adjusted. Some photos of the Dutch colonial era history shows that the presence of bamboo is very vital in the construction of a building.

Bamboo structures for the construction of the Fair 'Pasar Gambir' of 1934 in Batavia, Java (Collection: Tropen Museum Nederlands TMnr_10002570)

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The usefulness and beauty of Bamboo Bridges

Bamboo Bridge at A River in Blitar 1870-1892 (Collection: Tropen Museum Nederland TMnr_60005107)

The bridge is the most important connecting factor between regions. Bridge into veins in the mobility community to interact with various communities living in the other side of the river. Construction of the bridge as a means of transport is not only important but also the beauty of usefulness. By use of bridges in the villages are built with bamboo, simple and very useful for social contact of villagers. Larger bridges with bamboo construction is made to connect the region carrying a rather large river. Construction of bamboo bridge is not only to see its usefulness but also the beauty of the bridge. Baca lebih lanjut

Bamboo With Ornamental 2

Bamboo quiver with blowpipe darts 1926 TMnr_325-6a

Bamboo for the hunting community has immense benefits, not only as a bow and arrows and guns chopsticks but also as a place to put both these tools. Giving motif decoration on bamboo container also adds to the beauty of the container. These motifs are carved ornament usually in the form of plants, animals, humans, and shape geometry. Below is a picture slide.


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Bamboo With Ornamental

Bamboo quiver containing blowpipe darts 1887 TMnr_A-2951

Below is a slide show about the place of tobacco, weapons made ​​of bamboo chopsticks and most likely from the Dayak tribe of Borneo. Collection of the Tropenmuseum Netherlands is interesting because the containers are made ​​of bamboo has a shape and an interesting carvings.


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